Life Enrichinig Education Lab 2019 - Early bird Anmeldung bis Ende Jänner!

Liebe alle,

bis Ende Jänner kann man sich noch zum vergünstigten Beitrag anmelden für das
Life-Enriching-Education-Lab in Berlin 22.-28. April2019. Bis zum 15. Februar 2019 kann man sich um ein Stipendium bzw. reduzierten Beitrag bewerben.

Alle Infos findest du auf:
und auch untenstehend in diesem email (z.B.: was ist ein LEELab überhaupt :)

Außerdem ist es auch möglich, sich zusammenzutun, um als Gruppe teilzunehmen (geht glaub ich ab 2 Personen und ist dann so günstig wie mit Early-Bird). Vor zwei Jahren war schon einmal eine kleine Gruppe aus Österreich beim LEELab in Plen. Wer für diesmal andere Teilnehmende aus Österreich zwecks Gruppenermäßigung sucht, bitte mir schreiben unter . Ich koordiniere alle, die sich bis zum 15. Februar bei mir melden.

Das Leelab ist für langjährige GFK-Lernende genauso wie für Neu-EinsteigerInnen, also bitte Weiterleiten, weiterleiten, weiterleiten an alle, die an GFK in Schule, Kindergarten, Universität, Familie u.ä. interessiert sein könnten.

Gabriele Grunt

Der D-A-CH-Verein deutschsprachiger GFK-Gruppen veranstaltet das diesjährige Life-Enriching-Education-Lab (LEE Lab) in Kooperation mit dem Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).

Life-Enriching-Education oder Mutual Education sind Begriffe, die Marshall Rosenberg geprägt hat. Das LEE Lab wurde in den letzten Jahren entwickelt für alle, die eine solche lebensbereichernde oder gegenseitige Bildung erleben bzw. selbst in ihrem Umfeld gestalten  möchten. Es richtet sich an Lehrende und PädagogInnen, die innerhalb und außerhalb von Bildungsinstitutionen (Kindergarten, Schule und Universitäten) mit Kindern und Jugendlichen leben und arbeiten, auch an Eltern, Studierende, GFK-Interessierte, ZertifizierungskandidatInnen, GFK-TrainerInnen und -AnwenderInnen.

Das LEE Lab ist ein internationaler Raum für Austausch und Lernen zu "gegenseitiger Bildung" mit erfahrenen TrainerInnen, die den Rahmen schaffen, Raum halten, Anleitung und Feedback, Motivation und Input anbieten: Corrylaura Van Bladel, Belgium, Shona Cameron, UK, Gabriele Grunt,
Austria, Marianne Göthlin, Sweden, Giacomo Poleshi, Italy and Towe Widstrand, Sweden.

Das Life Enriching Education Lab (LEE LAB) wurde dafür geschaffen,  einen strukturierte und gleichzeitig offenen Lernraum zu schaffen. Das LEE LAB ist eine Gelegenheit, eigenes zu teilen, zu forschen und gemeinsam zu lernen und gemeinsam zu lernen, sodass in diesen 6 Tagen eine lebendige Erfahrung möglich wird, wie man gemeinsam eine lebensbereichernde Lerngemeinschaft aufsetzt, in der die Werte der GFK tatsächlich gelebt werden. Gemeinsam wird dort eine sichere, unterstützende Lernungebung geschaffen, wo jede/r Einzelne als Lehrende/r und Lernende/r gleichzeitig gesehen wird und wo alle, die das möchten mit Klarheit und Handlungsplänen für ihr eigenes Projekt zu "lebensbereichernder Bildung" hinausgehen. Mehr Info auf



Do you want to apply Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in education and are you longing for more skills and want to learn from others?


Maybe you are already applying NVC in education and you want to share your experiences and get fresh inspiration?

 Info and registration at

…interested in exploring and applying Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in education,
including, adult students, kindergarten teachers, school and university teachers, child care staff,
administrators, counsellors, educators in youth programs, parents, NVC trainers,
Certification Candidates, and all NVC practitioners.

...and is an inclusive space for exchange and learning on mutual education with experienced
trainers, who are there to create the frame, hold space, offer guidance and feedback,
motivation and input: Corrylaura Van Bladel, Belgium, Shona Cameron, UK, Gabriele Grunt,
Austria, Marianne Göthlin, Sweden, Giacomo Poleshi, Italy and Towe Widstrand, Sweden.

The Life Enriching Education Lab (LEE LAB) is uniquely designed to offer both a
structured and open learning environment. The LEE LAB is an opportunity to share, explore and
learn together so that in these 6 days you will have the experience of co-creating a life-enriching
learning community and truly living the values of NVC in an educational setting.
We aim to co-create a safe and supportive learning environment with you, where everybody is
seen as a teacher and learner and where everyone that wants to, would come out with clarity
and action plans for their life-enriching education project.

Concretely and very practically we will work on how to:

  • Co-create a safe and supportive learning and working environment including pupils, teachers, parents and administration staff.
  • Role model partnership, inclusion and cooperation – cultivate emotional intelligence, respect, and compassion.
  • Resolve conflicts and prevent or de-escalate violence.
  • Support pupils to know their potential find intrinsic motivation to learn.
  • Build communication skills which support standing up for own needs while also taking in the perspective of others and the community as a whole.
  • Create the classroom you always dreamed of.


“In EVERY session there was pace to exchange and I could xperience the meaning of ‘power with’ energy instead of ‘power over’. I discovered that co-creation is 'the form' in which 'power with' can flourish.”

“I learned and experienced a new way of sharing knowledge, with curiosity and fun.”

“The LEE LAB contributes to my further ability to embody and implement NVC for myself and at school.”

Who will be there


Starting from top left:

  • Shona Cameron, UK
  • Gabriele Grunt, Austria
  • Marianne Göthlin, Sweden
  • Corrylaura Van Bladel, Belgium
  • Towe Widstrand, Sweden
  • Giacomo Poleschi, Italy

“I want to be on the team too!!! I really appreciate each one of you. You have different energies, ways of sharing NVC and yet at the same time you can see how much you enjoy each other and that reflects the whole week. “

Where will the Life Enriching Education Lab be


Our event will take place at the gorgeous Paulinen Hof which is just outside of Bad Belzig, an one hour train ride away from Berlin Central Station. It is an old farm estate transformed into a beautiful seminar hotel surrounded by nature.








What will it cost


Tuition includes six days full of training sessions, workshops, exchange and magical experiences. It pays for six trainers traveling from different countries, sharing their knowledge and experiences for six days, four organizers creating the frame so you can relax, learn and enjoy yourself, training rooms and materials. It also supports DACH so their great work can continue.  

Standard: For everyone

  • Early Bird (until 31st of January): 800,00 €
  • Regular: 900,00 €

Supporter: If you want to support our work with a little extra money you can choose this category. This helps us offer reduced spots to others and do the work as a team of many.

  • Early Bird (until 31st of January): 900,00 €
  • Regular: 1000,00 €

Group or Family: If more than one person attends from your family or your organisation you can all choose this category. Please note that this event is tailored for adults. If you want to bring your children please contact us prior to registration.

  • Early Bird (until 31st of January): 700,00 €
  • Regular: 800,00 €

Reduction: We are committed to make the Lee lab available even for people with limited resources and are therefore willing to offer some spots to a individually reduced price. Please note, we cannot offer reduction on accomodation or contribute to  transportation. We aim to be fair and mindful with the distribution of these spots, so we have come up with an application process. You can read more about this process and apply for reduction as soon as registration is open.


Prices of accommodation include 6 nights in a comfy bed, 3 delicious meals per day, hot and cold alcohol free drinks, snacks for the breaks and an awesome time.

Depending on availability you can choose between the following categories:

Room category Total price per person (including taxes)

single room 858,50 €

double room (shared with one other person, twin or double bed) 669,50 €

double room (used as a single room) 996,50 €

family room (shared with up to 4 people) 702,50 €

shared apartment (shared with up to 5 people) 597,50 €

How can I register for the Life Enriching Education Lab 2019

The registration process will start in December 2018. Until then you can sign up for our NVC-letter ( see below) and stay up to date. We will inform you as soon as registration is open!