Intensivtraining Gewaltfreie Kommunikation in Slowenien

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Liebe Alle,

ich folge einer Bitte von Dmitriy Kopina (CNVC-zertifizierter Trainer in Slowenien) und leite euch hier eine Einladung von ihm weiter:

Von 4. bis 7. Juli 2020 findet in Slowenien ein 7-tägiges GFK-Retreat statt - mit dem Schwerpunkt 
"Wie wir Gleichgewicht, Vertrauen, Zusammenarbeit & Effizienz nach Hause und an den Arbeitsplatz bringen können"

(Podcerkev, zB. ca. 4,5 Std. von Wien Mitte, ca. 2 Std. von Villach entfernt)

Details dazu findet ihr unten im folgenden Text und HIER:)

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Dear NVC family :-) ,

We hope our message finds you well, healthy and that you are anticipating some inspiring NVC events during summer time. 

NVC Event of the year on Slovenian ground this year is SIT NVC 2020, a 7 day retreat in the heart of the nature.
We are happy to announce that we will proceed with the dates as initially planned (from 4. to 11. July 2020).

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Special offers (valid before 14.6.2020) :

  • Early bird offer is prolonged until 14.6.2020  ; (we quests it is affordable).
  • ​If 4 people register together, one receives free tuition; (or all are entitled to 25% extra discount :-)) .


The main two criteria we used as a guiding stars were that the event would be a safe place and organised in a legal way. As situation in Slovenia is quite post pandemic (also officially) for several weeks now, the borders are opened for most EU countries, flights are again possible, we are thrilled that we can match those two criteria and happily announce continuation of further event preparation.

As far as we know, Kathleen won’t be able to join us in person, yet she is willing to make her contribution by offering afternoon and evening sessions in three days with the support of Javor and Dmitriy on site. All other content will be carefully prepared with the intention of supporting your learning and enriching your lives. I guess you can imagine, there was a lot of work done in preparing such an event yet we are more than keen doing it, mostly as we are aware how much this kind of events can be a life changing and an immensely enriching chance for learning, connecting and deepening your communication skills. We are really hoping that you may share our enthusiasm and value our effort to find ways this event to actually happen in these times. We are doing our best, to enable you a life time memorable experience.

We are planning to be in a smaller group as initially planned. As some people registered, mostly not from Europe, may not be able to join us, as situation in some countries may not be as favourable as here, we are now facing the fact of being a "few participants short", yet we have a full confidence we will be able to invite a few more participants and be able to organise the event as mentioned. If you may know anyone who would be willing to join us, please inform and invite them. You are most welcome, to share the event information in your e-mails, FB, Instagram or any social network you may know. We will have a final decision and inform you about it by 14.6.2020 at latest.

Please don’t book any non-refundable flights or travels without cancelation possibilities, until the final decision is made by the end of the week.

If you may have any concerns or requests, please let us know!


Looking forward to meeting some of you soon.


Dmitriy, Javor and Kathleen

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