The Power of MOURNING

Gemeinsam mit: 
Pierre VIGNERON (FR) -
17. Mai 2109 -
17:00 bis 21:00
Wien, wird bekannt gegeben
Wien Wien







Pierre Vigneron, GFK-Trainer aus Frankreich, kommt zu einem gemeinsamen ErkundungsAbend in Englischer Sprache nach Wien - es wird ein Abend zum Thema Bedauern.


"Was soll das denn bitte?

Warum soll ich mich einen Abend mit Bedauern auseinandersetzen?

Ich hab echt keine Lust auf einen traurigen Abend!"

... denkst Du Dir jetzt vielleicht...

Ich habe gelernt, dass es in meinem Leben immer wieder Situationen gibt, in denen Bedürfnisse nicht erfüllt werden - wenn ich die Fähigkeit habe, diese Momente anzunehmen, bleibe ich nicht in Groll, Frustration, Ärger,... stecken. Mit dem Prozess des Bedauerns laden ich mehr Tiefe, Bewegung, Lernen, Schöheit und Feiern in mein Leben ein:


Darum die Einladung hier an Dich zum Abend mit Pierre: - hier kommst Du zum Einladungs-Video!!!!

"I always feel pain to something which is dear to me"
- Robert Gonzales

Mourning is freeing.

It enables to welcome the unmet need to be welcomed and feel the sadness and the pain related to it. Make room for it.

Which in itself is healing.

This process of mourning gives a huge sense of freedom by being able to relate joyfully with my pain and see the life longing for its fullness.

Thanks to group sharing, theoritical aspect, dyad and pair-exercises you will be able to deepen the sense of connection with yourself and with others.

Feel Welcome !

(There will be an extra time after the plorkshop session to share poems/texts/musics that are dear to you and eat something together, after the session for those who feel like)

When: 17th of May 2019 from 17:00 to 21:00 and after that open space

Where: In the 17th district in Vienna - near Güpferlingstrasse (I send you the Adress as soon, as you register)

Your financial contribution: 30 to 60 EUR – please give, what feels right and good, in connection with the joy to participate in the Plorkshop. If there is any hesitation, please contact me (Cori) BEFORE the Plorkshop.
Your contribution is balance, appreciation, the ability to continue to share the knowledge and wisdom.

EMAIL me to register at

let's keep being inspired
big LOVE




Pierre Vigneron

Trainer, Musiker, Paar- und Familien Mediator, Psychotherapeut...

Ich habe Pierre auf meinem Internationalen Intensiv-Training vergangenen Dezember kennen und sehr wertschätzen gelernt. Für mich ist er Präsenz und Klarheit. Unsere Zusammenarbeit entsteht aus geteilten Werten, Freundschaft und dem Wunsch sinnerfüllt in dieser Welt zu leben.

"I got to know NVC in the year 2000 at first, in the monastry of Thich Nhat Hanh in France where we train ourself in loving speech. Then I dive into practical training in the year 2014, and have done many intensive NVC schools. One in France relation NVC healing process for therapeutic purpose, two years in Germany with Robert Gonzales, a genuine and deeply experimented US trainer. I now have done 140 days of NVC workshop."



Cori Liebhart

Friedens- und Konfliktforscherin, Soulpreneur, Singer-Songwriter

"I got to know NVC in 2008 and since then I am on the path of constantly practicing, sharing, creating and co-creating. I work mainly in the “online-world”, offering online-communication-trainings on topics like parenthood, shame/guilt/vulnerability, small inspired steps… I also offer one-on-one compassion sessions, monthly group sessions called LAB. I create a lot of free content as “mini-inspirations” for reminding that you have all the qualities inside you need to create a life and relationships you truly want and that we are all imperfectly perfect. One of my biggest passions and learning field is facilitating conflicts with Restorative Circles and mediation a la nvc. I like to be supportive in seeing conflicts as part of being alive and as a chance to explore something beautiful and important, not as something we have to reject and be fearful of. NVC for me is peacework, knowledge and wisdom combined, a language of all senses, consciousness-training. It is a tool for me to stay on my path, be open for the challenges of life and be present in every encounter I experience. I am mother of two boys (5 and 9)."