SHARING NVC –10 day/14 day Training for Trainers

Gemeinsam mit: 
25. März 2019 - 16:00 bis 29. März 2019 - 14:00
17. Mai 2019 - 18:00 bis 19. Mai 2019 - 17:00
4. Oktober 2019 - 18:00 bis 6. Oktober 2019 - 17:00
Institut für Kulturdidaktik
Weißgasse 38
1170 Wien

This program is for all who want to share NVC in any setting. The modules “Mentoring for trainers” will focus on topics, questions and challenges that come up, when you start sharing NVC in your work, in trainings, lectures, with groups and individuals. In the additional module “Practising NVC” you can deepen NVC topics and processes with a group of experienced NVC learners.

  • How to do a presentation and to guide through exercises
  • Exchange about experiences and questions on sharing NVC
  • Practise how to react in challenging situations as a trainer
  • 360-degree-feedback
  • Getting clear about my intention and my individual path as a trainer
  • Developing my own authentic training style
  • Sharpening and deepening my understanding of NVC
  • Important topics for (NVC)trainers: e.g. competition/cooperation, money & integrity, beliefs about scarcity, support, freedom & interdependence, partnership & power structures, etc.

The mentoring program is for all who already have intensively studied and practised the basics of NVC and we recommend to additionally deepen your NVC practise in the module "Summer intensive program" (only in German language) or in other NVC workshops. In the MP we will focus on topics that come up as soon as we start to share NVC. The goal is to focus on didactical and methodological tools and viewpoints for sharing NVC as well as my own capacity to live NVC in my role, attitude and my activities as a trainer.


Mentoring program for Trainers: 10 days in 3 modules in Scheibbs (residential) and Vienna
2 online-group meetings in between (as for continuity and support over a longer period)

Translation English-German will be supported if necessary from community.

Additional module “Practising NVC”
Summer intensive training 2019: The NVC-dancefloors (only in German)

You can actively choose the content and duration of your mentoring program according to where you are and what you need for your individual situation and learning phase. Together we provide a space for co-creation and self-determined, needs-oriented learning on eye-level with trainers and other participants, instead of trying to fit into pre-determined, standardized learning content and steps. After one year you can choose to stay in the program for one more year or to find other places and forms of moving on with your learning.

We request:

We ask you to have attended min 12 NVC training days & to already have practical experience OR concrete plans for sharing NVC in your individual setting.

Dates & Locations 2019

International Mentoring program for Trainers : March 25-29 (Mo 16:00 –Fr 14:00) Modul 1 residential training  in Scheibbs (one hour from Vienna)
May 17-19, Vienna (Institut für Kulturdidaktik, Weißgasse 38, 1170 Vienna) Fr 18:00-Su 17:00
October 4.-6 in Vienna (LaLeLand, Thaliastraße, 1160 Wien) Fr 18:00-Su 17:00

Additional module “Practising NVC”: Summer Intensive 2019: The NVC-dancefloors (only in German language) August 21 - 25 2019, Seminarzentrum Die Lichtung (NÖ, Waldviertel)


All amounts are without costs for accommodation and food for module 1 in Scheibbs or the additional module „practising NVC”

Mentoring program „Training for Trainers“  2019 only
€ 1.480,- - 2750,- for 9 workshop days + 2 online-group meetings
If costs are paid by your employer: € 2.500,-

Mentoring program for trainers AND additional module „practising NVC 2019
€ 1.990, - 2.990,-  for 13 workshop days + 2 online-group meetings
If costs are paid by your employer: € 2.990,-

Please contact us, if you have a question or request concerning the financial contribution. We do not want money to be an obstacle for your participation!

Information & Registration:

, +43 650 53 678 21.
You can find our terms of participation, cancellation and privacy policy at