free Webinars: Remember [your] Magic

24. Oktober 2021 -
19:00 bis 20:00
31. Oktober 2021 -
19:00 bis 20:00
Nur online


Event in English:

Feel warmheartedly welcomed to join the free Series of "Remember [your] Magic : Resilience and Co-Creating Communication Skills" made of 2 Webinars followed by a 3 day mini.challenge for doing some small inspired steps!

Magic is something to remember. In each moment we can have access to the magic of life and to our own magic. When they start to play together something even greater emerges. And this great things don't have to be major big things - they can be small and subtle and at the same time we are able to recognize them for what they are. It is an amazing experience.

Come with me on this journey to reclaim your unique magic power and to nourish your resilience strengths. Because they are linked - to be able to navigate through life and its challenges and mess with more and more ease (and it's not about fighting against the mess ;-))


In the webinars you‘ll learn: 

- what defines magic and co-creating communication,

- what inherent capacities of resilience you have that enable you to stay connected with self-trust even in challenging times,

- the link between magic and living in alignment,

- skills that support alignment,

- the magic ingredient of making empowering choices.


Register right now and you'll receive the Zoom link where you can join. If you cannot come live - no problem - there will be a recording for you, so you can listen at your own convenient time!

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Let's keep being inspired
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